Behavioural Consultations

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Working and living with dogs, I know owning a dog is not always easy and can affect the relationship you have with them. I have worked with a range of dogs that have had behavioural issues. I am now using the skills I have learnt to help people with their dogs. With my guidance; by reading the canine body language, understanding and communicating with your dog, you will learn how to help them. I will first ask you to fill out a questionnaire as this gives me a better understanding of your dogs’ background. An appointment will then be made for us to meet either in your own home or another suitable location, depending on the individual dog and problem.

The first one to one session is always two hours so that I can assess your dog and then make suggestions of what kind of programme is needed. When I have met your dog and made an initial assessment, I may refer you to your vet to ensure that the behavioural issue is not caused by a medical problem. I will then design an individual behaviour modification programme for you and your dog to help you overcome this problem, a copy can be made for your vet on request. I will need to do a follow up session of an hour to go through the programme and depending on the problem I may suggest a re-visit. I will always give support and feedback by phone or e-mail as I feel it is important for you to know you are not alone in helping your dog.