Puppy 'Life Skills' Training Classes

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We take puppies after their second vaccination.


Puppy 'Life Skills' Training Classes (Dyke) will be held weekly in Dyke and District Hall. The course runs for six weeks.

There are two classes which last for a maximum of 45 minutes.
10-16 weeks old (at the start of the course) @ 10am -10.45am,
The Maximum number of dogs is six per class, so places are limited.
COST- £60.00 for the six week course.

NEW - Adolescent Life Skills class for dogs 18 weeks - 8 months old (at the start of the course) @ 11am -11.45am.

Due to the importance of early socialisation we are accepting puppies after their second vaccination. We take all precautions to provide a safe environment, however please discuss the matter with your own veterinarian before you register.

As the critical socialisation window closes between 12 and 18 weeks we believe that what’s more important than basic training is socialisation. Giving them positive experiences while at the same time not overloading them, will successfully set them up for their future in our world.
We will cover basic training with your puppy, but we also look at experiences your puppy may encounter as part of social development.

The puppies will interact together in a safe and controlled way to help teach them skills they will need for future encounters with other dogs. Our classes provide puppies with both training and appropriate socialisation in a comfortable, friendly and controlled manner. All the puppies are treated as the individual puppies they are. Exuberant excited puppies will be taught impulse control and good manners, while more fearful, nervous puppies are helped with how to be happy and calm around other dogs and people.

Teaching a variety of behaviours- basics like sit, down, stand, watch, a good recall, stay, wait and leave it. We will cover play biting, toilet training. Additional subjects will be covered - reading canine body language, avoiding problems like separation anxiety and resource guarding. The aim of the Puppy Life Skills Training classes is to start your puppy off on the right paw. It is to help them have a good foundation for their future and help you develop a great bond and relationship with your puppy. All our methods are kind. We use reward based training to ensure you raise your puppy to be confident, well mannered and balanced so you enjoy your life together.

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