Testimonials from Clients

Susan has been a fantastic help with our dogs Megan (8 year old collie cross) and Skye (1 ½ year old border collie). Skye was a rescue dog and came to us with several issues, mainly resource guarding and aggression towards Megan. Susan has shown us various ways of dealing with these problems, she has also given us many ideas to be used at home and on walks so the dogs can live peacefully together. Both dogs are deaf and Susan has helped us have a greater understanding of how they communicate and interact not only with each other but also with us. We know we have a long way to go with Skye, but knowing Susan is just a phone call away for help and advice, given us the confidence to keep going. We can only highly recommend her to anyone with canine issues.
- Stephanie and Mervyn, Nairn

We contacted Susan because we have a little cairn terrier who was afraid of rustling plastic bags, was over enthusiastic when meeting new people and unfortunately had Coprophagia (eating faeces), all probably due to her been keep in kennels until she was 4 months old. Susan taught us how to deal with each of these issues in just 2 sessions, with some ongoing work by us. She helped us understand milly’s behaviour and how to deal with it and this has helped with other issues as well. We are more confident in dealing with anything that arises. Milly is no longer as anxious about rustling bags, she doesn’t run away from them anymore. She has stopped eating poo and we have food a diet which suits her needs well. Greeting new people is much more controlled, although sometimes she gets over excited but then she is still a puppy! We would definitely recommend Susan’s services, she really helped us.
- Kath and Dave Freeman, Nairn

When I mentioned to friends that I would be attending training classes with a Border Terrier the main response was laughter and good luck! Our initial home visit was great; Susan involved my young children in the training so they knew how to deal with Stig too. Susan takes the time to get to know your puppy and their home environment so that she can help you with all training. Stig's attention span at class wasn't great but Susan and Laura both stay positive and suggest different methods which helped us to achieve results. Following on from the life skills class we attend walk and train classes with Stig so that he can socialize with other dogs and so that I can reinforce his basic skills in different places with distractions. We have also worked on learning new skills while keeping the sessions fun and interesting for all the dogs. Susan treats every dog as an individual and sessions are extremely positive. We highly recommend the puppy life skills classes and the walk and train sessions.
- Leona Ross, Auldern

Zeus is a 4 year old male German shepherd who has reactive behaviour towards other dogs and sometimes people. Walks used to be a nightmare for me. Every time we saw a dog, person, cat or even birds, Zeus would bark loud, he would lunge and I used to struggle to control him. The barking didn’t stop even when the dog was out of sight. After having one to one sessions with Susan, I have noticed a huge improvement in him and myself. He doesn’t bark at people, cats and birds anymore and his reactions to dogs are getting less and less. I am not scared to take him out anymore. Susan taught me techniques to manage him and suggested methods I could use. Walks with Zeus are a joy now. He is a lot calmer, a happier dog. He is still a working progress in some areas but I am confident we can get there. We are very grateful to Susan.
- Zeus and Danielle, Lossiemouth

We would highly recommend Susan Berryman. Susan has been helping us with our beagle puppy Harris since he was 3 months old. Her help and advice has been invaluable to us and Harris totally adores her! Susan’s training methods are positive and calm and were tailored to Harris and our individual needs. Susan has obviously had a lot of experience working with dogs and her knowledge is exceptional, providing us with lots of ideas and strategies to keep Harris occupied. Susan is a real pleasure to work with and we all look forward to her visit – even though Harris is the only one receiving treats!!!
- Craig Family, Nairn

Susan taught us to be patient, to keep calm and try not to get angry with our strong willed puppy. Her first set of classes introduced our pup to very useful simple things and situations around the home, and of course other little friends. Susan had ideas for every problem we had and was happy to work with us to try to find solutions. The recommendation of the use of the Perfect Fit Harness has made training our dog much easier. A big thanks to Laura too! (Susan’s Puppy class Assistant)
- Lisa, Burghead - Moray

I own a two year old jack Russell called Buddy, we have had him since he was seven weeks old. I am not going to lie we have had a really tough time with toilet training, jumping up and general obedience. He is a very spoilt dog but knew we had to introduce some training, as he was getting too much for both of us. I was recommended Tail Talk by our local kennels so I called Susan and she was happy to help. We did basic training and behavioural work and while Susan made it look so easy we carried on the training and it did help a lot and is still ongoing at present. I highly recommend Susan at Tail Talk and will still be booking her for sessions in the future. We have a very anxious dog who with time and help from Susan we can overcome his problems and have a better life all round. He is a fantastic dog who just needs some care and attention the right way.
- Dianne Angus, Forres