Walk and Train Classes- Training and learning skills for real life situations

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Classes are held in Nairn on Wednesdays 10am -11am. £50 For a five week course.
Pay as you go - pay each week instead of all in one lump sum (this option is available on this course ONLY).

The walk and train class is run as a small carefully matched group of dogs. This ensures no dog is overwhelmed and is relaxed and able to enjoy the walk whilst learning canine body language and social skills from the other participants. This in turn will help your dog in future meetings with other dogs. I will teach you to communicate with your dog through reading their canine body language, when you understand what your dog is feeling, you will be able to help them cope with different situations. We cover basic training for everyday life e.g. recalls with distractions and walking calmly with other dogs on a loose lead. Fun scent work and Wild Agility is used to enrich your dog’s walks.

If you are interested in joining the walk and train class, a one to one walk might be needed so that I can assess your dog and decide which group is best for their individual needs, this is also crucial for the other dogs in the class. Your dog might not be ready for a group walk and train class yet and need to build confidence with one to one sessions first to prepare you and your dog to join the walk and train group class in the future. If you have attended my Puppy Life Skills Classes, a one to one session will not be necessary before joining the outdoor classes.

Boston Terrier Ready for a walk Basset Hound sniffing the ground Posh Poodle